Business cases: access to documents

Draft and Final Business Cases:  Parramatta and Ultimo

On 28 April, 2018 a 9-page Powerhouse Business Case Summary was released, associated with an announcement from the Premier and Arts Minister that the Powerhouse Museum will relocate to Parramatta. But none of the full business cases mentioned in the summary were shown to state cabinet at that time. See more information here.

A demand was first made on 5 June by the Legislative Council that certain papers be made available by 5pm on Friday 8 June. The Hansard records are on-line at the NSW Legislative Council, listed under Questions Without Notice: Powerhouse Museum Relocation (several sessions listed). Open here: May 1: Read more   May 2: Read more  May 3: Read more , and also 5 June: Read more   Pages 11-12, 14, 23-41 (motion p11, passed to provide by 6 June, p41), 6 June: Read more  (agreed to provide by 5pm, 8 June).

On 12 June, documents were received and listed by the Clerk of Parliaments. They refer to the Powerhouse Museum’s move to Western Sydney (including considerable redacted sections for commercial reasons), Sydney Stadiums and the Tune Report into out-of-home care. Read letters and lists here.

Regarding the Powerhouse Museum documents, on 12 June, MP David Shoebridge’s office advised: ‘As you may be aware, on Friday afternoon the Government ‘voluntarily’ released a number of documents following our return to order. There are 10 volumes available for inspection at the Parliament. The documents are only available from 9-5. To arrange to see this we recommend contacting the table office on 9230 2749.’

If you want to write to NSW Members of Parliament you can  find their email addresses HERE, or here: NSW MPsApril 2018

To access the Business Case documents on-line:
The list of redacted pages, supplied with the 10 Folders (3 folders for case in 2017; 7 for extended case in 2018) can be read here: Document list in folders

The Powerhouse Museum Alliance has been working with a number of colleagues, notably Tom Lockley and Helen O’Boyle, to obtain copies of the documents.
Those that have been made available to us (to date) are in three groups, with information from 2016-2018. (We will add to the list as more are retrieved.)
1. New Western Sydney Museum
2. The MAAS project
3. Ultimo Presence Project

For list of all the files below, see: Museum Business Case list of documents

1. New Western Sydney Museum Documents
1. Final Business Case 080118  New Western Sydney Museum 1 Final Business Case 080118
2. Final Business Case Supplement 240418 New Western Sydney Museum 2 Final Business Case Supplement 240418
3. Final Business Case Gate 2 Review 140217 
4. Final Business Case Executive Summary Gate 2 Review 140217  New Western Sydney Museum 4 Final Business Case Executive Summary Gate 2 Review 140217
 5. Vision Statement New Western Sydney Museum 5 Vision Statement
6. Project Definition New Western Sydney Museum New Western Sydney Museum 6 Project Definition
7. Rationale New Western Sydney Museum 7 Rationale
8. Project Concept Options  New Western Sydney Museum 8 Project Concept Options
9. Development Options Assessment February 2017  New Western Sydney Museum 9 Development Options Assessment February 2017
9a. Development Options Assessment – Concept Options  New Western Sydney Museum 9a Development Options Assessment – Concept Options
9b. Development Options Assessment – Rider Levett Bucknell New Western Sydney Museum 9b Development Options Assessment Rider Levett Bucknell
10. Development Options Assessment October 2017 New Western Sydney Museum 10 Development Options Assessment October 2017
10a. Development Options Assessment – Site Analysis New Western Sydney Museum 10a Development Options Assessment – Site Analysis
10b. Development Options Assessment – Commercial Options Study New Western Sydney Museum 10b Development Options Assessment – Commercial Options Study
10c. Development Options Assessment – Super Towers Options New Western Sydney Museum 10c Development Options Assessment – Super Towers Options
10d. Development Options Assessment – Real Estate Analysis New Western Sydney Museum 10d Development Options Assessment – Real Estate Analysis
10e. Rider Levett Bucknall 270617  New Western Sydney Museum 10e Rider Levett Bucknall 270617
10f. Rider Levett Bucknall 250917  New Western Sydney Museum 10f Rider Levett Bucknall 250917
10g. Rider Levett Bucknall 311017  New Western Sydney Museum 10g Rider Levett Bucknall 311017
11 Planning Due Diligence Report  New Western Sydney Museum 11 Planning Due Diligence Report
12. Infrastructure Assessment  New Western Sydney Museum 12 Infrastructure Assessment
13. Geotechnical Investigation  New Western Sydney Museum 13 Geotechnical Investigation
14. Heritage Report  New Western Sydney Museum 14 Heritage Report
15. Traffic and Transport Assessment  New Western Sydney Museum 15 Traffic and Transport Assessment
16. Site Analysis Updates  New Western Sydney Museum 16 Site Analysis Updates
17. Project Cost Plans  New Western Sydney Museum 17 Project Cost Plans
18. Risk Assessment and Management Framework New Western Sydney Museum 18 Risk Assessment and Management Framework
19. Final Procurement Strategy 230117  New Western Sydney Museum 19 Final Procurement Strategy 230117
20. Financial Appraisal  New Western Sydney Museum 20 Financial Appraisal
21. Economic Appraisal  New Western Sydney Museum 21 Economic Appraisal
22. Willingness to Pay Study  New Western Sydney Museum 22 Willingness to Pay Study
23. Demographic Information New Western Sydney Museum 23 Demographic Information
24. Museum Benchmarking and Precedent Analysis New Western Sydney Museum 24 Museum Benchmarking and Precedent Analysis
25. Benefits Realisation Strategy  New Western Sydney Museum 25 Benefits Realisation Strategy
26. Commissioning and Launch Plan  New Western Sydney Museum 26 Commissioning and Launch Plan
27. Stakeholder Engagement Plan  New Western Sydney Museum 27 Stakeholder Engagement Plan
28. Change Management Framework  New Western Sydney Museum 28 Change Management Framework
29. Governance Structure New Western Sydney Museum 29 Governance Structure
30. Workforce Plan  New Western Sydney Museum 30 Workforce Plan
31. Collection and Logistics Plan  New Western Sydney Museum 31 Collection and Logistics Plan
32. Legislation & Technical Requirements Review  New Western Sydney Museum 32 Legislation & Technical Requirements Review
Extra file: New Museum Flood study, 2016:  Read here , or with extra pages here: Flood Study (2)

2. MAAS Project documents
1. The MAAS Vision A The MAAS Project 1 The MAAS Vision A
2. The MAAS Vision B  The MAAS Project 2 The MAAS Vision B
3. Overarching Program  The MAAS Project 3 Overarching Program
4. Risk Assessment The MAAS Project 4 Risk Assessment
5. Combined Cost Benefit Analysis for the MAAS Project The MAAS Project 5 Combined Cost Benefit Analysis for the MAAS Project
6. Integration Brief  The MAAS Project 6 Integration Brief
7. Museums Discovery Centre Storage Project Brief  The MAAS Project 7 Museums Discovery Centre Storage Project Brief
8. Communications & Engagement Strategy The MAAS Project 8 Communications & Engagement Strategy
9. Stakeholder Consultation Register A The MAAS Project 9 Stakeholder Consultation Register A
10. Stakeholder Consultation Register B  The MAAS Project 10 Stakeholder Consultation Register B

3. Ultimo Presence Project documents
1. Project Definition Ultimo Presence Project 1 Project Definition
2. Project Options Ultimo Presence Project 2 Project Options
3. Ultimo Investment Case Ultimo Presence Project 3 Ultimo Investment Case
4. Site Infrastructure Assessment  Ultimo Presence Project 4 Site Infrastructure Assessment-2
5. Town Planning Report Ultimo Presence Project 5 Town Planning Report
6. Development Options Assessment  Ultimo Presence Project 6 Development Options Assessment
7. Heritage Advice Ultimo Presence Project 7 Heritage Advice
8. Project Cost Plans Ultimo Presence Project 8 Project Cost Plans
9. Economic Appraisal Ultimo Presence Project 9 Economic Appraisal
10. Financial Appraisal  Ultimo Presence Project 10 Financial Appraisal
11. Preliminary Master Program  Ultimo Presence Project 11 Preliminary Master Program
12. Governance Arrangements  Ultimo Presence Project 12 Governance Arrangements
13. Procurement Options Assessment Ultimo Presence Project 13 Procurement Options Assessment
14. Legislation & Technical Requirements Review Ultimo Presence Project 14 Legislation & Technical Requirements Review

 Extra documents:
These recently accessed documents were among the papers supplied to the Legislative Council, and some could be incorporated in files above:
Supplementary papers  (pdf)