Powerhouse Museum: Proposed staff restructures, 2023 and on…

Powerhouse Museum: Proposed staff restructures, 2023 and on…

In December 2022, the Powerhouse Museum produced a number of documents drafting a proposed restructure of staff. Over time, many staffing areas (eg. Curatorial and Education) have been very much reduced in number, while senior management positions have increased (many of these identified as with contemporary art gallery backgrounds, rather than museums).

The proposals suggest amalgamating some staffing areas, and dividing others (eg Curators will be divided between Collection, Exhibition, Program)

As well, to allow for the proposed demolition of much of the Ultimo site, and the transfer of the collection, apart from a select few of large transport objects and some short-term temporary exhibitions, to the new storage area at Castle Hill, it is proposed that most of the staff are also to be relocated to Castle Hill, apart from those working on on-site projects.
It appears that  following an explanatory meeting in early December. staff are invited to make comments and suggestions,

For the existing documents read here:

Powerhouse Collection & Program Structure Nov 2022 (proposed):
Program Collection Communication 1 (002)

Proposed overall Functional Organisation Chart for the Museum:
Powerhouse Functional Org Chart – proposed

Current structure for Curatorial, Collections and Programs:
Curatorial, Collections & Programs

Proposed Collection Directorate:
Powerhouse Collection Directorate – Proposed 1

Proposed Program Directorate:
Powerhouse Program Directorate – Proposed 1

Summary of Recommendations:
Summary of Recommendations