Rally paper 4: Speaking out! Lindie Ward

Lindie Ward was one of four former PHM staff who spoke with others at the Save the Powerhouse rally, May 28, 2016

DSC00685 Lindie Ward with ex-museum former colleagues:
L-R:  Louise Mitchell, Carl Andrew, Kimberley Webber,  Lindie Ward.  Photo: G.Cochrane


I speak out as a former curator of the Powerhouse Museum. I would like to bring to your attention a very important issue.

You may wonder why you do not hear the views of the devoted Powerhouse Museum staff. NSW public servants, Powerhouse Museum staff, trustees and volunteers have been instructed not to discuss this issue. If they open their mouths they will lose their jobs.

We live in a peaceful democracy. Threats like this are more often wielded in wartime. Dedicated staff who know why this move is impossible and very costly cannot speak out. No informed opinions have been sought and experts have all been muzzled.

This is an excellent reason why everyone here must inform their friends and particularly strangers about this case and the lack of community consultation on countless issues thrown up by the Baird government.

An historic national institution established in 1879 for the people, paid for with their taxes, is being sold off by a government unduly influenced by greedy and unscrupulous developers with friends in high places.